The Indian investor is changing, thanks to a fast-developing technological landscape, the Indian investor’s investing patterns have grown. With increased access to digital platforms, the Indian investor is investing through a fast-growing fraternity of WealthTech platforms. A recent report, states that the Indian WealthTech market will reach $63 billion and number of investors will reach 12 million by 2025.

The WealthTech innovators series, is an invitee only exclusive meeting created for senior investment and banking leaders, innovators, wealth and asset management stakeholders to discuss and understand the current state of WealthTech business objectives in India and stay update on leading-edge industry innovations.

Current Scenario

  •   India set to be 4th largest wealth market in the world
  •   Only 2% Indians invest in stocks at present, resulting in stock market capitalization at 76% of GDP.
  •   WealthTech customers primarily include Millennials who constitute 70% of the customers using digital platforms
  •   WealthTech investors expected to grow by 3x to reach 12 Mn by FY25.
  •   Rise in investors from (Tier 2+ cities) driving adoption of digital platforms.
  •   The Indian WealthTech market is expected to $63 Bn (FY25).

Why attend WealthTech Innovators Series 2023?

  •   Get an opportunity to meet the people who matter in WealthTech in India
  •   Network with senior investment leaders, banking leaders and innovators spearheading the WealthTech sector
  •   Connect with leading technology experts transforming the WealthTech spectrum, driving innovation across, client retention, hybrid advice, digital assets etc.
  •   Interact with India’s high impact investors who can help you define your business objectives
  •   Understand the emerging challenges and opportunities critical for WealthTech growth in India

Leverage your brand @ WealthTech Innovators Series 2023

  •   Scale your company’s profile by spearheading peer discussions and thought leadership
  •   Connect with pre-qualified delegates who are seeking innovative solutions for their business goals
  •   Showcase your innovations and technology solutions which are disrupting the WealthTech industry
  •   Engage with senior-level decision makers working in wealth management, asset management, private banking, financial advisory and retail banking

Attending Sectors

  •   Commercial Banks
  •   Retail Banks
  •   NBFCs
  •   Wealth/asset management firms

  •   Insurance companies
  •   Pension funds
  •   Private equity funds
  •   Venture firms

Attending Profiles

  •   Chartered Financial Planner
  •   Chief Compliance Officer
  •   Chief Data Innovation Officer
  •   Chief Data Officer
  •   Chief Digital Officer
  •   Chief Executive Officer
  •   Chief Innovation Officer
  •   Chief Investment Officer
  •   Chief Operating Officer
  •   Chief Strategy Officer
  •   CFO & Regional Director of Finance
  •   Alternative Investments Lead
  •   Associate VP Strategy & Forecasting
  •   Chief Technology Officer
  •   Chief Compliance Officer
  •   Director – Automation Solution, RPA, AI, Digital Transformation, Innovation & Capabilities
  •   Director – Head of HR Wealth Management & Global Asset Management
  •   Director – Innovation & Digital Business
  •   Director – Lead IT Innovation and Change
  •   Director – Strategic Partners
  •   Director & Head of Private Sales

  •   Director and Principal Wealth Manager
  •   Director and Team Leader, Private Banking
  •   Director Enterprise Risk Management
  •   Director of Innovation
  •   Director of Operations and Project Management
  •   Director of Research, Wealth Strategies
  •   Director, Global Assets – Wealth
  •   Director, Global Financial Institutions Relations
  •   Director, Head Funds Issuers & Asset Owners
  •   Director, Innovation Lead
  •   Executive Director, Private Banking and Wealth Management
  •   Global Head of Client Experience, Investments
  •   Global Head of Dealing & Implementation
  •   Global Head of Institutional and Advisory Services
  •   Global Head of Wealth Capital Markets, Credit & Advisory
  •   Global Head Strategy & Planning
  •   Head FinTech Partnerships & New Ventures
  •   Head of Capital Markets
  •   Head of Investments
  •   Head of Strategic Initiatives and Innovation
  •   Head of Strategy & Architecture
  •   Wealth Management Advisor

Event Agenda

16:00 Opening Remarks
16:05 Opening Keynote: India’s outlook on the future of WealthTech
16:35 WealthTech Overview:Emerging trends in wealth management
17:00 WealthTech Innovators Series Host Showcase
17:30 Industry Panel: Digital Innovation and the Transformation of Wealth Management
18:00 Interactive Q&A
18:30 Closing Remarks

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