Email Campaign Services

We all know successful business relationships are about two-way conversation, but you certainly can't talk to all of your clients, all of the time. So, to engage your customers in conversation, why not 'speak' to them through an email campaign?

Point To Business Services is here to help our customers achieve their marketing goals. With P2B Campaign Services offering, you are now able to maximize lead conversions at every phase of the buying cycle with the help of a campaign services specialist.

Whether you're looking to send out an E-newsletter or a series of attention grabbing offers let our designs keep the conversation flowing for you.

Carefully crafted emails can direct customers to specific web links, which feature sales, promotions, news or views. Welcome to the beginning of a great conversation to help you communicate with your customer database more effectively.

Email Campaign Services

With ever-changing consumer behaviour, connecting with right prospects at the right time is crucial for driving successful Direct Marketing Campaigns. To engage with right prospects, one needs to deploy strategically designed integrated marketing platform for managing and measuring effectiveness of campaigns

We, at Point To Business Services, follow a customer-centric approach to drive campaigns that engage prospect audience by creating awareness and generating interest. We address everything from target audience identification to execution to campaign analysis; improving sales performance and profitability

P2B Email Campaign Services pivot around:

  Reaching out to right set of prospects
  Using right marketing channel at right time
  Generating desired responses
  Flexibility in Communication, Audience and Scheduling
  Tracking & Integrating responses