Email Appending Services

Email Appending is a customized practice that involves matching customer data, including first and last names, postal addresses, and other details, with our database to obtain the correct email address for the customer.

These services are an incredibly helpful tool for businesses aiming to enhance their lead or customer information by updating or completing missing email details.

Elevate your marketing brand to new heights with our powerful Email Appending Services. By harnessing the power of verified emails, you have the incredible opportunity to enhance your marketing campaigns instantly. Even as people transition between locations, homes, and countries, the ability to stay connected remains within your reach through a verified and precise email database. Point To Business Services Email Appending Services are here to ensure that connection is not just possible, but seamless and effective.

Email Appending Process

   • Send us the data that needs to undergo email append service.

   • We match these email data precisely with our database.

   • Finding out the respective email address and verifying it.

   • We will return a validated email list of your prospects.

Our email appending solutions stand out in the industry, delivering an impressive 25-35% match rate for your existing email database—significantly higher than the standard rate of 15-20%. Leveraging advanced tools and meticulous processes, we not only identify the real-time delivery status of your existing emails but also replace undeliverable addresses with verified, up-to-date records. This ensures your database is both reliable and efficient, maximizing your outreach potential.

Email Appending Benefits

   • Boosted Interaction: Accurate and current email addresses ensure your campaigns connect with a larger audience, driving up engagement rates significantly.

   • Improved Customer Dialogue: It opens a pathway for tailored marketing communications, special offers, and news, enhancing the customer connection experience.

   • Economical Outreach: Email remains a budget-friendly marketing medium. Growing your email list extends your influence without greatly impacting expenses.

   • Data-Driven Decisions: Better email data enhances the ability to segment and target personally, enabling smarter, data-informed marketing strategies.