Fax Appending Services

Fax appending is a service where a business updates its customer database with the latest fax numbers. These numbers come from a big list of numbers that people have agreed to share. A fax is an older way to send documents over the phone, but some businesses still use it because it's good for marketing. It's been around since 1843.

Emails and regular mail can reach people quickly, but sometimes they get ignored. Faxes go straight to the person you want to reach, which can help turn them into interested customers.

Many companies think faxing is an important way to advertise. If you want to add the correct fax numbers to your customer list, Point to Business Services can help. They take your list of customers and fix any wrong or missing fax numbers by comparing it to their big list of business fax numbers. This means you can send faxes right away without needing other services. They make sure their list is up to date by checking it every year.

Fax Appending Process:

  •   We compare the information in your database to our big main file.
  •   We will find and fix any wrong fax numbers.
  •   Our service fixes and updates fax numbers at a low price.
  •  After we check everything, we give you back the correct database.

Fax Appending Benefits

  •   You can reach all the people you want to sell to.
  •   You will have a list of checked contact information.
  •   You can use many ways to advertise and get better results from your different ads.
  •  You can easily sell to people in other countries with our current worldwide information.

Our service helps you update your business contact list with the latest and correct fax numbers. This makes sure your list is ready for marketing. Using our service, you can send faxes to potential customers to make your business more well-known and trusted. Get our service now to add the right fax numbers to your list.