What Companies Use AWS

       July 7, 2023

what companies use aws

       How is AWS helping industries and companies? How are businesses revamping their operations with AWS? Well, the simple answer to this is, AWS helps in reducing operating costs and helps in enhancing efficiency. AWS has been at the forefront of cloud solutions from a long time ago and it has been offering excellent IT infrastructure services to a multi spectrum of industries from across the world.

       AWS solutions are revolutionizing the way businesses operate by simplifying operational demands and giving tailored solutions for every business need. Every industry today needs a cloud solution for scale and transformation and AWS is at the epicenter of this domain.

       Some of the most reputed companies dependent on AWS solutions for their success are Netflix, Airbnb, NASA, Samsung, Facebook, Tata Motors etc. now let us look at different industries which actually use and benefit from AWS solutions

The Manufacturing Industry

what companies use aws

      AWS is transforming the manufacturing sector on multiple levels. It helps manufacturers optimize their operations with cutting edge cloud solutions which is integrated with ML, IoT, robotics and analytics. The AWS solutions help with production optimization, innovative product creations and value chain efficiency across the entire business. With the advent of industry 4.0 and IIoT, AWS services are critical for implementation of new ideas, and cost-effective operational efficiency.



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The Telecommunications Industry

what companies use aws

       The telecom sector has been critical in transforming the way people communicate in recent times and the industry is extremely competitive and depends on innovations, new age applications and cutting-edge technology ramping out connectivity and communications. AWS, with its advanced and secure cloud solutions can create a scalable network, with emphasis on seamless operations and consumer experience.

The E-Commerce Industry

what companies use aws

       The whole digital infrastructure of the online retail world depends on solutions which will enable merchants and ecommerce entities handle traffic, and enhanced availability of online assets. AWS solutions help with auto scaling of resources to match capacity requirements and the cloud solutions helps provide ecommerce businesses with better web management and inventory management options. This helps the ecommerce industry to manage customer retention and customer collaboration.

The Finance Industry

what companies use aws

       The finance industry has been robust growth and digitization in recent times. Financial institutions operate in multiple sectors of the finance sector, which covers banking, fintech, payments, capital markets, investments and insurance. All these services operate better on resilient and secure cloud infrastructure. AWS, helps provide the finance industry with modern infrastructure which is scalable, secure and meets changing consumer demands and expectations.

The Automobile Industry

what companies use aws

       Just like the manufacturing sector, AWS has empowered the auto industry with digital transformation, modernization and efficient operational abilities. AWS brings customized cloud capabilities, productivity enhancement, service innovation to create applications to deliver excellence at all touchpoints of the automotive value chain. AWS helps with seamless support to supply chain systems, workflow management and product engineering capabilities.

The Travel Industry

what companies use aws

       All industries are at the cusp of digital transformation and so is the travel industry. Travel and hospitality companies’ world wide are dependent on AWS for operational efficiencies, improved customer experience along with cost savings on infrastructure. AWS solutions have positively impacted the way airports, airlines, hotels, cruise lines, travel companies, technology solution providers in the travel industry operate.

In conclusion

what companies use aws

       AWS solutions offer comprehensive list of companies using aws cloud solutions which focuses on privacy, security and deliverability. AWS for industries gives results on time, sustainability in operations, cost effectiveness and over all paves the way for fast digital transformation to match with current needs and customer experiences. So if you are planning to implement AWS solutions or if you want to connect with companies from diversified industries who are looking for AWS solutions, we will help you leverage your potential as well as meet your needs. Get in touch with us!