Top 10 Fastest Growing Industries for 2024 in the United States

       January 23, 2024

Top 10 Fastest Growing Industries for 2024 in the United States

The United States of America has long been known as "the land of opportunity," and for good reason. By leveraging talent from countries around the world - including Mexico, China, India, the Philippines, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Vietnam - the US has grown its economy and exchanged technological and cultural knowledge.

The industries booming in this land of opportunity are as diverse as its population, with varying ranks based on factors such as employment change, annual revenue, global presence, consumer statistics, production scale, sustainability performance, and investor support. It's clear that the US's diversity extends far beyond just its people - it's a driving force behind its success.

1. Event Management, Leisure, and Hospitality

Event Management, Leisure, and Hospitality

Did you know that job opportunities in event organizing in the US are expected to grow by 38 to 40% by 2031? With the reopening of theme parks, tourist destinations, museums, and art galleries, more customers are seeking high-quality hospitality facilities. This industry is one to keep an eye on for employment changes or workforce requirements.

2. Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages

More than 8,700 craft breweries and major players like Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Safeway, and Alibaba serve the US food and beverages market. While pet food generated 28.88 billion USD in revenue in 2022, it has increased to 57.38 billion USD in 2023.
Soft drinks, chocolate, and ice-based recreational edibles continue to attract US buyers. The companies in the food and beverages industry also adjust their inventories to respond to changes in tourism, dietary habits, and climate conditions. The food market will likely grow at 3.79% to 6% CAGR in 2024.



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3. Banking and Peer-to-Peer Lending

Banking and Peer-to-Peer Lending

Financial service providers have always been key players in helping companies raise funds, complete projects, plan expenses, borrow capital, and meet accounting requirements. However, with an anticipated economic slowdown, conventional banks are facing some challenges. This has resulted in more stakeholders turning towards peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms and private creditors. In addition to this, the increasing use of mobile and networking technologies has led to a rise in "cashless" transactions among retail customers. It is now more important than ever for US banks to explore new revenue models and hire more technology specialists to tackle related implementation obstacles.

4. IT, Cybersecurity, and Communication

IT, Cybersecurity, and Communication

The US is home to numerous rapidly growing cities that have become tech hubs, attracting professionals such as engineers, technologists, and product designers from around the world. These cities are not only driving innovation in the tech industry but also contributing to global consumer markets while addressing environmental concerns associated with outdated systems.

Additionally, major players in the IT sector in the US adhere to social and governance standards, allowing them to access resources from impact investors and expand their production capabilities. Furthermore, the integration of technology has revolutionized business workflows in various industries. However, the rise of work-from-home models has also brought about increased cybersecurity risks, leading organizations to collaborate with security experts and data vendors to mitigate these threats.

5. Individual, Family, and Employee Healthcare

Individual, Family, and Employee Healthcare

In 2020, managed care services (MCS) and established medical facilities encountered unprecedented difficulties in the United States and other nations. This situation underscored the immediate requirement for greater investment and comprehensive insurance strategies in the global healthcare system. Additionally, patients have suffered the consequences of poorly planned health and life science facilities, underscoring the significance of efficient healthcare management. As a result, healthcare businesses have expanded their staff to meet the increasing demands. Likewise, insurance providers are actively investigating the possibilities of modern technologies to improve their ability to predict risks.

6. Construction

What is HR

Over 900,000 construction organizations that are officially registered play a significant role in meeting the public and private infrastructure requirements of the citizens of the United States. As per the Associated General Contractors (ACG) of America, construction projects worth a staggering 2.1 trillion US dollars are successfully accomplished annually. This industry provides employment to a workforce of over 8 million individuals, with a growing emphasis on environmentally friendly buildings, effective transportation systems, renewable energy initiatives, and ensuring workplace safety.

7. Education


The compound annual gross rate (CAGR) indicates that the education industry's total revenue has the potential to increase by 11.69%. This projection suggests that the domestic market is expected to grow from 2.39 billion USD in 2022 to 4.42 billion USD in 2027.

Additionally, the learn-from-home (LFH) platforms anticipate significant revenue growth through in-app purchases. The rise in popularity of homeschooling, private educational units, and remote learning tools has contributed to this trend. On a global scale, education technologists in the US have the opportunity to generate trillions in revenue. Furthermore, the US education industry is projected to employ over 15.4 million individuals by 2024.

8. Mining and Petrochemical

Mining and Petrochemical

Fuel is essential for meeting the demands of US citizens in various sectors such as cars, heavy machinery, railways, and airplanes. Additionally, corporations rely on a range of metals, nonmetals, and synthetic plastics for their production and innovation needs. Despite concerns about sustainability, the mining and petrochemical industry continues to flourish due to its crucial role in supporting manufacturing and construction activities. This industry is experiencing rapid growth in the US, with over 12,700 active mines and numerous job opportunities in mining.

9. Real Estate

Real Estate

There are more than 350 thousand firms in this sector, with 3.9 million professionals working in various commercial positions. Although the top 50 organizations contribute 20% of the total revenue of the US real estate industry, the presence of numerous smaller players is not hindered. These smaller players concentrate on local stakeholders, and agents assist individual homeowners in renting out their properties. With the rise in return-to-office (RTO) mandates, the commercial real estate sector, particularly office buildings, will experience a significant increase in revenue.

10. Trucking & Logistics

Trucking & Logistics

The American trucking industry employs over 3.5 million truckers across 1.1 million carriers. Out of these, more than 750,000 truckers are responsible for operating at least one tractor. The majority of trucking companies manage a fleet of fewer than six trucks. Moreover, this industry plays a crucial role in restocking the inventory of grocery stores, pharma counters, bank ATMs, and fuel stations. In 2021, it generated a revenue of 875.5 billion US dollars, and in 2023, it recorded a gross freight revenue of 940.8 billion USD.


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The emergence of industrial revolutions has caused substantial changes in societies, human aspirations, and global interactions. The shift from agricultural economies and manual labor to the service sector and automation has led to improvements in lifestyle resulting from manufacturing jobs. Therefore, it is crucial for the United States to give priority to the future of rapidly growing industries.

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