Best Practices to Grow Your B2B Podcast

       August 31, 2023

Best Practices to Grow Your B2B Podcast

Podcasts are a rage these days. There is a podcast for everyone, on a range of topics. But podcasts are not only about entertainments, celebrities and other such stuff. There are plenty of B2B podcasts, which are about marketing, sales, entrepreneurship etc. this has grown since the pandemic.

So, as a B2B business if you want to reach a new set of audience across a new medium then podcasting is for you. In this article we will share the important aspects of running a successful B2B podcast.

Why are B2B podcasts important?

The key element of having a B2B podcast is generating brand awareness. A regular and consistent podcast gives your B2B business an opportunity to build your brand profile and build trust with your audience. We all know, as marketers how important brand awareness is, and podcasting helps us with that.

Why are B2B podcasts important?

As a B2B company you should look are having your own podcast for the following reasons;

• You are connecting with an audience who can be your prospective buyers

• You are creating thought leadership around yourself and your business, hence cultivating brand values for your business

• You can disseminate knowledge and information and get your team to educate your audience who are the top of the funnel

• You get an opportunity to enhance your brand recognition and develop loyalty

So, considering there are plenty of advantages of having your own B2B podcast, it is time you started one.

Keep reading to learn more on how to start and scale your B2B podcast.

Build A Strategy

Podcasting for brand awareness is an art, you need strategy.

Understand who you want to engage and work around that. Your topics, your guests will have to align with this.

The strategy is malleable, it can be a topic and then the guest or the other way around.

It is easier to stick to a singular topic to begin with and work around it with inputs from guests and your own team. For your podcast listener or viewer, it becomes easier to connect with over a period of time.

Your podcast strategy should replicate a funnel, you are catering to the demand



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Work Around your Forte

Yea, well niche can come first or strategy, or vis a vis. But having them both chalked out in the planning stage is important.

B2B podcast is a business decision and it should be defined in a way that you can differentiate yourself from your competition.

How do you do that? Find a niche which is unique to you and your business. This will keep your audience hooked.

Focus on delivering content which adds value to your viewers or listeners and information that can be actionable.

So, before you start your podcast, think about what you want to focus on and build your podcast around that.

Remember, be unique and be different

Remember, be unique and be different

Each Podcast Episode Should Be Crisp & Researched

If you want to make every episode work? Then you better research well, prepare well and present well.

As a B2B podcaster you need to know what you are supposed to do, supposed to talk about and present to your listeners or viewers every episode.

How do you do that? Let’s see

If you have invited a guest, research about the guest and what you are going to discuss about.

Podcasting is not an interview; it is more of a conversation and if you develop a storyline, it keeps your audience engaged.

You need to focus on getting your guest’s point of view, and not yours. This is possible if you know your guest well.

A simple way to research a guest is, check out their earlier interviews, podcasts, look them up on their social media and understand what they are currently interested in and talking about.

Value, Value and Focus Only On Value

Every episode that you publish on your podcast should lead to adding value to your audience.

Understand and build audience profile, the ideal audience, their industry, job title, type of company they work in and the kind of decision-making influence they have.

The diverse the audience profile that better will be the B2B podcast audience.

You will get a broader spectrum to customize your content to and deliver value to. Your focus should on delivering content which is going to useful to your audience either as a form of entertainment, knowledge or learning.

Create A New Identity For Your B2B Podcast

Create a new brand for your podcast, don’t just rely on using your company brand.

Your company brand is connected with your services and product, your B2B podcast should be content heavy, and should act as a funnel and not as a sales tool.

So, having a new brand represent your B2B podcast will help you reach your audience better.

Use this new brand image to promote your podcast content and the episodes.

Individually branded podcasts create new opportunities in marketing and maximizing your company’s social media profile as well as your guest’s social media profile.

Keep An Eye On The Analytics

Watching metrics after you have started your B2B podcast is important.

Set your milestones based on your vision to start with. Track if you are getting a regular stream of audience first.

Once your podcast grows, you can change focus on analytics and metrics and broaden it to demographics, reach, and even engagement beyond just the podcast.

Metrics you should keep track of are:

Unique viewers/ listeners – number of individual platforms, devices on which your podcast episodes are viewed or listened.

Rate of consumption – understand the total number of people who watch or listen to the whole episode.

Reviews and ratings – keep a strict watch on feedback that you are getting, measure positive feedback against ratings.

Final Thoughts

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If you have a budget to start your B2B podcast, you can even engage an agency which can help you with growth, ideating and scaling your podcast.

Just like any new marketing activity, starting a new B2B podcast is also all about learning from your mistakes and implementing a trial-and-error methodology.

But, the path to success lies in being consistent and implementing strategies that are based on your experiences.