How To Reach Top Business Decision Makers Easily

       February 21, 2023

How To Reach Top Business Decision Makers Easily

      Top decision makers of any business sector, are usually very busy people. Reaching them for collaborations or business deals can be challenging. Most deal making opportunities remain unsuccessful due to the inability to reach decision makers. Although this whole process might sound daunting, in this article, we have simplified the approach that you can adopt to easily reach any leading business decision maker.

The Best Ways to Reach Business Decision Makers

      1. Stand Out from the Crowd – Creating a unique presence plays a role in giving you the necessary edge If you want to stand out, you must act unconventionally and be a trailblazer in your field.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Author a book, host an event, run a industry podcast or even benchmark by creating bespoke conferences which will add value to the industry as a whole. Being different is the only way you can differentiate yourself from the crowd. So, focus on doing something which your competitors can’t achieve. This is one of the most critical tips you can incorporate to scale your decision makers reach.

       2. Get Active on LinkedIn – social media, is an integral part of everyone’s life today and LinkedIn is the single most important corporate social network that is out there.trailblazer in your field.

Get Active on LinkedIn

Every decision maker, from across multiple industry sectors are using LinkedIn. Consider, being active on LinkedIn to connect, network and generate collaborations with key decision makers, who are your target audience. Apart from this, you can also explore data providers, who can help you build a strategic B2B and B2C database, which will consist of relevant decision maker’s information. Simultaneously, you can use Facebook too for building your decision maker’s database. Social media is a fantastic tool for creating deep professional ties.

       3. Research The Company – Preparation is key to a successful business endeavor. Understanding the company that you are dealing with, analyzing their business vision, their financial status, etc. will help you in mapping your next course of action.

Research The Company

Again, you can use platforms like LinkedIn, sales navigators and other data service providers to make a list of key decision makers in that company and then you can reach out to them based on your priorities.

       4. Cold Calling Referrals – Yes, we do live in the age of internet, everyone is accessible through emails but, cold calling still works.

Cold Calling Referrals

Sometimes, it is as simple as picking up the phone and dialing the decision maker’s office, reach their executive assistants, build a rapport, and this will eventually open doors to the senior executive. Remember, following proper corporate etiquette while doing so is important. Remain courteous and respectful with the support staff and this will put you in good stead. However, the process is not an immediate result giver, so be patient.

       5. Know The Designations You Want to Reach – When you are building a lead base of the companies who are your targeted audience, you may not always find the relevant person you are looking for. Unless, you are sure of the designations who are important for winning new business, you will be unable to communicate with the administrator you are liaising with. List all the job titles who can be instrumental in the decision-making process, even before you decide to reach out to the prospect. This is very important, especially when you are trying to source leads through calling.

       6. Refine Your Messaging – Whenever, you communicate with the decision makers, your first few seconds of the conversation become critical.

Refine Your Messaging

Making an impression during this phase is very important. Having the perfect approach, and delivering the most concise pitch is crucial. Of course, achieving excellence in these areas get better with time and experience, however having adequate knowledge of the company you are dealing with and the industry dynamics will help you hold the attention of the decision maker you are communicating with. Also, understanding the person you are talking to, their role in the company and the level of decision-making authority they have will greatly benefit you in formulating a strategic approach. Your messaging should always align with the company’s requirements.

       7. Recognize the Influencers- One of the key elements of reach the right decision makers in any organization, is by identifying the influencers who are critical to the decision making eco system. These potential influencers can be executive assistants, managers and heads of departments. They will have enough powers to influence the final decision maker. So, recognize the potential influencers early on, and work with them to close the deal.

       8. Build Relationships – Just building a database of key decision makers from across industries that are relevant for you won’t be of any use if you don’t work on nurturing a relationship with the decision maker.

Build Relationships

This part of the process is what takes the most time, perseverance and dedication comes in handy here and will help you close the deal. But, before that happens, be sure to work on adding value to the individual and the company and this will generate enough impact in the long term. Never approach the process of reaching the decision maker with a singular thought of selling, approach it with a sense of building a mutually beneficial relationship.

In conclusion: Best Tip for Reaching Top Decision Makers

Best Tip for Reaching Top Decision Makers

       Plan, plan and plan. Strategy is crucial for having a solid campaign which will help you in reaching the right decision maker. The first and foremost step is to build an effective Decision makers database, which will help you in generating the most focused leads. The data base needs to have the concerned decision maker’s name, his job title, his email address, his direct number and even his mobile numbers. This information will help you plan a good campaign. Also do keep in mind people are busy and may postpone meetings or calls, so have a good follow up plan, be it via email reminders or updates.

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