How to Find CEO Email Addresses

       March 28, 2023

How to Find CEO Email Addresses

       Designing an effective introductory email to a CEO is inconsequential if the email is sent to a wrong email address. The most critical aspect of reaching a CEO is to first get an accurate and valid email address of the executive and then send him information which will be useful to him. In this article, we will understand how you can find a CEO’s email address and what are the best ways to craft an effective email campaign to reach him.

Following are the top tips to obtain a CEO’s email address:

How to Find CEO Email Addresses

Utilize Business Intelligence Tools

      If you embark on a manual expedition to source CEO email addresses, then you will never be able to reach out to your entire target market. In circumstances like these, you can use business intelligence and sales intelligences tools such as Lusha or Apollo.

How to Find CEO Email Addresses

      These tools help you search and zone in on companies and the CEOs you are targeting across any region in the world. But the downside to this is, they can be an expensive and recurring cost to your activities, however they can help you save time.

Engage and Search on LinkedIn

How to Find CEO Email Addresses

       LinkedIn is one of the most prominent and useful corporate social networks, there are over 875 million users on this platform with members from 200 countries worldwide. Every enterprise CEO, and business owner who wants to grow his professional network is present on LinkedIn. Engaging with your targeted CEOs on this platform can give you direct access to them. But, this can also be time consuming and if you want to directly access their contact information, you will probably still have to spend on getting sales intelligence tools which can be integrated with LinkedIn. However, getting active on LinkedIn is certainly a wise decision if you want to build your own professional network and connect with the targeted CEOs.

Using Basic Google Research

       Google search is the doorway to anything and everything, so if you are lucky, you might even find email addresses of the CEOs you want to reach out to. Prepare a list of companies and their CEOs and start with basic search on Google.

How to Find CEO Email Addresses

       You can key in the name of the CEO + Email address and use this as a keyword, or even look for keywords such as “Name of the CEO+ Presentation” or “Name of the CEO+ PDF+ Email”; “Name of the CEO+ Contact Information” and one more trick to it is keying in “ name of the CEO at the rate as in @ and the company domain, for e.g. remember, this is a laborious and inconclusive process and there are no guarantees you will find accurate email addresses this way, but there are chances this might work 2 out of 10 times.

Call the Targeted Company

       Cold calling is not really conducive; however, you can still do it. Imagine all you have is the phone number of the company, then the best thing to do is call them and ask for the CEOs email address. But, this isn’t going to be easy, because you will have to deal with gatekeepers etc.

Basics of Writing Effective B2B Emails

      The best to approach this is by allocating a team, to just start calling companies you want to engage with. Be it a large or small company, when you do call them and want to obtain the CEO’s email address, your opening on the call and the reason for needing the CEO’s email address need to be compelling, and if you can get this part right, then your success rate of getting the email address increases drastically. Do try this method, it works!

Reach Out on Social Media

       We are in the age of internet, everyone who is anyone uses social media be it Facebook, Instagram or twitter. And many of the CEOs you want to email are available on these platforms, so find them on one of these social media platforms and send them a DM, keep in mind when you send them a message be polite and be concise, if they don’t respond, then don’t be a pest.

How to Find CEO Email Addresses

      Your goal is get the CEO’s email address and then establish the value of what you have to offer. Concurrently you can also use the advanced search features of all these social platforms to find the CEO you want to reach. And sometimes, the CEOs might have listed their email addresses in their social profiles. So, using social media for obtaining a CEO’s email address might be a win-win situation for you and your team.

Sign Up for The Company’s or CEO’s Podcast or Newsletter

How to Find CEO Email Addresses

      When looking for a CEO’s email address, never overlook any option available to you. This thought brings us to the often-neglected approach of subscribing to the company’s or CEO’s newsletter or podcast. In today’s digital communication overload, every company or the CEO himself will have a content dispensing platform such as a newsletter or a podcast, by subscribing to these, and responding with ingenuity to might get a response from the CEO. This method works usually when you are dealing with small or medium organizations as their focus will be on increasing their own brand engagement.

Look for Press Releases

      A CEO is the face of the company and he is the most visible individual who engages on behalf of the company when it comes to press and media. So, it is quite natural that they are frequently interviewed or they themselves will write opinion pieces etc. across a wide spectrum of information platforms such as media channels, trade portals etc. sometimes, in such places the CEO might share their contact information be it as a footnote of a press release or an opinion piece. So, doing an extensive search for press releases and news articles written by the CEO or on behalf of him can be a definite way of getting the CEO’s email address.

Buy Validated Lead Lists

       Of course, there are plenty of vendors who claim to have CEO email addresses and it does sound like one of the easiest things to do, right? Just buy a CEO email address lead list. But it is not. Why because, most of these B2B Email databases and CEO Email Lists have the following problems;

How to Find CEO Email Addresses

  1. Usually, they are inaccurate and non-validated
  2. The email lists are not current, so the chances are they are outdated
  3. The list is not exclusive to you

       So, it is advisable that you reach out to a vendor, who is validated by other customers and who is capable of proving that the CEO email database is current and validated. Even, then it is essential to follow best practices in reaching out to a bulk email database. However, if you want to try this out, we can help you with this, as we follow all the necessary protocol in obtaining for you the most customized and accurate CEO email addresses database. We are just an email away!


       Let’s just say you have been successful in getting the CEO’s email address, now what? Well, you need to email them, right? Which means, writing cold emails to get a CEO’s attention is critical and here are some things you need to be aware of when you write and email to the CEO;

  1. Keep the email brief and specific, both subject line and content
  2. Be genuine and personalize your approach
  3. Lay out the offer and how they can benefit from your services
  4. Provide a clear outline on what to do next

       So, if you do these things, I am sure you will be able to both get a CEO’s email address as well as get his attention. Further, as mentioned earlier for all your B2B email database or accurate CEO Email lists, we are just an email away, get in touch with us and we will be glad to help you with your marketing needs!